The appendicitis museum is open!

The human vermiform appendix is a tremendously interesting organ - no one knows for sure what it does, and up to one in ten people will require emergency surgery to remove it. The appendix has had a tremendous impact on history, and the history of surgery for the appendix is an excellent lens to look at the history of medicine and surgery. Feel free to explore our museum.

Some of the questions you may have include:

Is it Appendicitis?

First, nothing replaces an evaluation by a physician, and there are laboratory tests that aid in the diagnosis of appendicitis.

Second, Cope's "Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen" clearly states that "appendicitis should never be lower than second on any" list of possible causes of abdominal pain.

That said, there are warning signs, common to most people with appendicitis.

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Madeline gets appendicitis in 1939

I want to know more about the Appendix!

The appendix is an incredibly interesting organ!

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leonardo appendix

Leonardo DaVinci's 1492 drawing of the appendix

I have had (or am having) my appendix out

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